Samstag, 13. September 2014

Fragments of Death # 3 OUT NOW FREE DOWNLOAD

RTM Productions is very proud to announce to Release Fragments of Death # 3 
Extreme Death Metal Compilation 


1.Exterminio - The peace of hate (Argentina)
2.Enthrallment - Tool of Suicide (Bulgaria)
3.Rotten Vomit - Devouring Her Rotten Eyes (Venezuela)
4.With All My Hate - Conceived Between Human Remains (Spain)
5.Sektor - Ritual (Germany)
6.Roadkill XIII - Swarm of Rats (Germany)
7.Deformed Cadaver - Infection (Germany)
8.Abrasive - Nice Little Torture (Germany)
9.Dig Me No Grave - Reptile (Russia)
10.Burning Butthairs - The Cannibal (Germany)
11.Asphyxiator - Hallucinogenic Cadaver Autopsy (USA)
12.Suicide of Disaster - Emasculate Prostitute (Indonesia)
13.Catastrophic Evolution - Continuous Disappointment  (Spain/Italy)
14.Corpse - Terrible choleric spasm (Bulgaria)
15.Virulent Vasectomy  - Exponential Viral Multiplication (Mexico)
16.The White Indian - Anal Laceration (USA) 
17.Hellskuad - Membantai Jakarta (Indonesia)
18.Black Bodies - Brainsteim Slurring Disartria (Peru)
19.Fetal Autopsy - Bound and Beaten (USA)
20.Borow - The Madness Comes Out From The Sea Depth (Russia)
21.Display Of Decay - Outbreak Of Infection (Canada)
22.Flesh Eater - Mummified Alien Cadaver (Germany)
23.Ruinant - Lucid Cerebral Ablation (New Zealand)
24.Gutslamed - Rusty Meathook Dismemberment (Poland)
25.Fetal Mutilation - Mucopurulea Juice (Philippines)

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