Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

DISEMBOWELED "hymns of massacre" OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

RTM Productions is very proud to announce the signing of the Disemboweled Brutal Death Metal from Germany.
brutality and sickness !!!!!!!


Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Path of Brutality Brutal Compilation OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.BIG END BOLT (Russia) - power driven surgeon 
2.ABRAXAS (USA) - damnation uncreation 
3.MOONFOG (SLovakia) - dacryohaemorrhoea 
4.DEAD REMAINS (Germany) - through fire and dust 
5.MACABRE DEMISE (Germany) - disgorging blood
6.ABDICATE (USA)- beyond your grasp 
7.MEDECOPHOBIC (Germany) - Eruption of Disgust 
8.MEMBRO GENITALE BEFURCATOR (Russia) - human destruction 
9.BREED OF SCORN (Germany) - sons of scorn
10.JEHACKTET (Germany) - Drive-by Slappin' 
11.DEFILEMENT (Serbia) - rejection
12.SYNERGISM OF HUMANITY (Russia)- we were born slaves
13.CARNAL DECAY (Schweiz) - See you in Hell
14.THE GURCHICK TREE (USA)- inject the morphine 
15.ORPHALIS (Germany) - watchmaker
16.INTRACRANIAL BUTCHERY (USA) - eurhoric recall 
17.DISCREATE (Philippines) - multiple stabwounds
18.DEFORMED SOUL (Mexico) - transmutation of a corpse 
19.MINDLY ROTTEN (Colombia) - primordal absence
20.ONICECTOMY (Italy) - virgin woman cannibalistic ritual 
21.ENDLESS DISTRUST (Germany)- war for us

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

BREED OF SCORN - Antitype out on 21.01.2012

RTM Productions is very proud to announce the new Release from BREED OF SCORN - Antitype Blackened Death Metal from Bavaria 

CD Release 21.01.2012 

Release Party 20.01.2012 Poschinger Villa Landshut

10€ + 2€ Porto Germany 4€ World