Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Path of Brutality Brutal Compilation OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.BIG END BOLT (Russia) - power driven surgeon 
2.ABRAXAS (USA) - damnation uncreation 
3.MOONFOG (SLovakia) - dacryohaemorrhoea 
4.DEAD REMAINS (Germany) - through fire and dust 
5.MACABRE DEMISE (Germany) - disgorging blood
6.ABDICATE (USA)- beyond your grasp 
7.MEDECOPHOBIC (Germany) - Eruption of Disgust 
8.MEMBRO GENITALE BEFURCATOR (Russia) - human destruction 
9.BREED OF SCORN (Germany) - sons of scorn
10.JEHACKTET (Germany) - Drive-by Slappin' 
11.DEFILEMENT (Serbia) - rejection
12.SYNERGISM OF HUMANITY (Russia)- we were born slaves
13.CARNAL DECAY (Schweiz) - See you in Hell
14.THE GURCHICK TREE (USA)- inject the morphine 
15.ORPHALIS (Germany) - watchmaker
16.INTRACRANIAL BUTCHERY (USA) - eurhoric recall 
17.DISCREATE (Philippines) - multiple stabwounds
18.DEFORMED SOUL (Mexico) - transmutation of a corpse 
19.MINDLY ROTTEN (Colombia) - primordal absence
20.ONICECTOMY (Italy) - virgin woman cannibalistic ritual 
21.ENDLESS DISTRUST (Germany)- war for us

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